Fresh Frozen Herbs

Simply fresh. Beyond convention.

Taste our organic herb leaves, chopped, freshly frozen and pristine like no other.

Fresh frozen Herbs Flavours

Fresh Frozen Herbs

How it’s made.

Harvested at their peak, our herbs are quickly frozen to lock in freshness and flavor. Plus, we’ve done all the prep for you: we’ve removed tough stems, washed and chopped the leaves. From farm to freezer to your table, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy fresher than fresh, 100% organic herbs, all year round.

How it tastes.

Not only do our frozen herbs taste fresher than fresh, they taste better than other frozen herbs on the market. Our purely natural parsley leaves, basil leaves, chopped garlic, and Italian herb mix contain none of the usual additives like salt, water, starch or oils, so what you get is crisp, unadulterated, fresh herb flavors.

How it’s used.

Our naturally frozen herbs give you the freedom to add them as you would fresh herbs. Because our herbs are not frozen in diluting water or excessive oil, they can be sprinkled into sauces and stews, into your favourite meatball mix, or right onto your fresh salads just before serving. Whether you use our frozen herbs for slow, deep flavor, or as a bright, fresh finish, the results will be undeniably delicious.


from the Simply Beyond® kitchen