About Certified Nutritional Chef Melissa Eboli

Via Melissa is a healthy cooking and wellness company. The owner, Melissa Eboli is a certified nutritional chef and graduate from The Academy of Culinary Nutrition (ACN). She is also a certified nutrition and wellness counselor.

Melissa has a knack for re-creating traditionally unhealthy dishes and making them nutritionally sound, while keeping in delicious flavor! ​She has recipes that have been cooked on Dr. Oz, as well as featured on The Kitchen Blog for Fisher and Paykel Appliances.

Melissa cooks with clean, organic ingredients down to the spices. Her dishes are almost always free of gluten, soy, corn, dairy and shellfish. Her commitment to living a clean lifestyle through food, nutrition and clean hygienics enables her to have the health & energy needed to succeed in all of her endeavors. Overall, Melissa has great passion for cooking & sharing her knowledge of all things health.