I am loving salad Saturday when I can actually eat my lunch at home! So many good things in this salad – spinach, kale, purple cabagem strawberries, hummus, feta, falafel and all topped with organic fruit vinegar by @simplybeyondfoods. If y’all haven’t tried this spray, you must!!! It’s so delicious and it’s coming to work with me on Monday so I can conveniently spray my Tupperware salads.
Fruit Vinegar @spinmeaneatclean
Guys!!! These tacos are EVERYTHING right now!!! @simplybeyondfoods has such an amazing concept! Spray-On Herbs®!! Ground turkey seasoned with lemongrass was a great choice!!! I cannot wait to try other herbs!!!
Spray-On Herbs® Lemongrass @kaywitchy
These fruit vinegars are amazing. Normally I'm not partial to spray can products, but these have no propellant agents. It's just very simple ingredients of fruit juice and vinegar. The spray nozzle actually makes it easy to disperse the vinegar over your food.  Both flavors have a light taste. The vinegar is present, but not overwhelming and is balanced nicely with the fruit juices. The fruit juices provide a subtle sweetness to the fruit vinegar that makes them delicious without needing to blend in other ingredients. I first tried the pomegranate on some greens. I tasted one expecting to then mix up a full dressing, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the vinegars have a captivating and complete enough flavor to exist on their own as dressings. I’m totally loving these and have been adding them onto everything! Watch for some of the recipes to post soon under my "Savory Recipes"
Simply Beyond Fruit Vinegars @recipesfrommycauldron