We saw a real need

We saw, we heard, and we experienced your frustrations first-hand. Like us, have you ever:
  • Thrown away large bunches of supermarket herbs, barely used and rotten?
  • Bought expensive plastic boxes of herbs, wilting in-store, and far from fresh?
  • Spent countless hours tending to herbs in the garden or on the window sill?
  • Made do without fresh herbs because you didn’t have any or found them too expensive?
  • Skipped using herbs because they were too messy to mince, chop or destem?
  • Put up with long faces because someone didn’t like the sight or taste of an herb?
  • Disliked the taste of chemical additives in jarred, tubed and preserved herbs?

You’re not alone, and we understood what was needed:

Innovative, long-lasting, natural flavor that provided ease, convenience and value while pleasing everyone at the table.

cooking food organically
Certified Organic food sprays


Not only did we step up to the challenge, we provided a natural solution that exceeded expectations. Our Simply Beyond® products are made of simple, pure, organic
ingredients with unrivaled flavor. These like-fresh extracts will take your senses beyond anything you’ve tasted, and beyond what you think your culinary skills, your lifestyle and your budget allows. All delivered with a long-lasting, shelf-stable, innovative non-aerosol spray design that keeps air out, and fresh flavors in.

pure organic food solutions


The Simply Beyond® range is your extra aromatic flavor maker and your time saver. It is your new herb garden, and your new spice rack. It is purely authentic, simply delicious flavors that you can count on, anytime, any day.

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Our Story

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